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Born November 7, 1941 in Besançon, 2nd in a family of 10 children.

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Philippe Lagrange entered the School of Fine Arts in Besançon in 1954 at the age of 13, benefiting from an exemption. He spent 8 years there from 1955-1963. He obtained his National Sculpture Diploma in 1961, but he failed the painting tests in 1963 in disagreement with the jury.

He became friends with several teachers of the school, Jean RICARDON professor of painting and painter, Georges OUDOT sculptor and drawing teacher, Jacques VOITOT professor of sculpture and Jean GILLES sculptor and teacher.

Photo taken in 1960 in the drawing workshop at the Regional School of Fine Arts in Besançon (Php bottom left).


After having occupied a post of college professor in art drawing for the national education from 1964 to 1968, he entered the Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology of Besançon in 1968, first as an office assistant, then as a as a curator in archeology until 2000. He contributes as a curator to the development of the museum's collections (paintings, sculptures, archeology) and participates as an exhibition curator in the organization of events intended to show the public the the museum's most notable collections.


Presence noticed in French artistic production, is the subject of articles in various specialized magazines (OPUS, CANAL, etc ...) alongside other artists of his generation.

Magazine OPUS international 1977, Jean Luc Chalumeau: "The work that Philippe Lagrange pursues alone in Besançon has led him to meet several currents that he reinvents or assimilates with great know-how and imagination. Beyond the immediately perceptible analogies (with Adami in particular), an interesting approach that must absolutely be presented to the public".


Meeting with the artist ADAMI and beginning of an epistolary relationship from 1975 to 1979

Meeting with the artist ERRO, for whom he wrote the introductory text to the exhibition dedicated to him in 1986 at the Belfort Museum

Photo Première Mère Denis, painting entitled "the sheet reader" inspired by the "Mother Denis" dated 1974, acquisition of the Museum of Fine Arts of Dole during the exhibition "works under vacuum" organized by the museum in 1984. This work is part of the current of narrative figuration for which the museum has built a reputation and has a remarkable collection.

Finally the freedom to paint full time

Since 2010, Philippe Lagrange has settled in Saône et Loire, in the middle of nature, to devote himself entirely to his painting and the hygiene of vision...

Media hubbub

Exhibition " Mise au point" at the Anton Meier gallery in Geneva Switzerland in 1990

Evening dress required

Exhibition at the French Cultural Center, Consulate of France, Luxembourg in 1995

A showroom for large formats

Exhibition at the Archaeological Museum of Dijon, Dormitory of the Monks in 1998